There is no better way to avoid having to hire a Utah DUI attorney than doing everything that you can to avoid drunk driving. Surely, there is nothing wrong about social drinking, so long as it is in moderation and if you should decide to drink a little more than you should, you should always make it a point not to drive at all afterward.

Driving while under the influence of an intoxicating liquor will not only put you at risk, it can also put the lives of other people on the line. No matter how much you think you are in control of your faculties after a fun night out with your friends, the chances of you getting in an accident or receiving a traffic violation is still a great possibility.  If this happens, you will want to find yourself a good drunk driving lawyer in UT who can help you navigate the system in a way that minimizes the blow back from such an undesired incident.

Here are 6 ways to prevent drunk driving:

  1. Draw the line. If you know that you need to drive yourself home after a night of drinking, know your limits and do not go beyond it. Make every effort to remain sober and refuse refills if you know you have reached your limit.
  2. Pace yourself. You have to make an intentional effort to drink according to your pace and not according to that which your friends demand. Having your limits in mind, keep a slow pace and engage in fun conversations instead, so that you are not tempted to drink more than you should. 
  3. Neutralize your alcohol intake by taking water in between drinks. It is easy to get carried away most especially when you are having fun. However, being wise about your alcohol intake, especially if you are driving yourself home, is more advisable than having the time of your life that you end up regretting later on. Take a few gulps of water each time to finish a drink to dilute your alcohol intake.
  4. Eat a good meal before drinking. Taking alcoholic drinks on an empty stomach will get you drunk faster than when you are full. Make sure to have something inside your stomach before you start consuming alcohol.
  5. Let a friend drive you home, call a cab, or get an Uber. If, for some reason, you fail to abide by your drinking limits for the night, do not be foolish attempt to drive yourself home. Have the practical sense to call a cab or ask someone from your group to drive you home. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to drinking and driving.
  6. Purchase your drinks while you are sober. Should you decide ahead of time that you will hold a party, buy your drinks in advance and stick to the limit you gave yourself. If you run out of drinks in the middle of a party, chances are, you will hop into your car to get some more. Bad things can happen on your way to the store or from it if you have already started drinking too much.

Remember, drunk driving is highly preventable. The key is in your hands. Should you find yourself in need of a UT DUI lawyer, get in touch with Hoyer Law Firm right away.  Our website is https://attorneylehiutah.com/.

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