Why you shouldn’t represent yourself in a DUI case

If you are facing DUI charges you must quickly employ the services of a DUI lawyer. DUI is the acronym for drinking under the influence. It can be under the influence of alcohol, prescription drugs or illegal drugs. As a leading Utah DUI attorney, we understand the complexities of the situation and what we can do to help you walk away from the charges. Most people tend to let the potential expense of hiring a lawyer to deter them from acquiring one which opens them up to the full force of the law.

While the court will allow you to defend yourself in a DUI case if you so wish, you are also encouraged to seek legal representation when the police officer reads you your Miranda rights. A lawyer will help you navigate through the complicated legal processes of the court’s system and better protect your constitutional rights. There are several technicalities in a DUI case that can be called into question during your defense but they can be done best by someone who understands the law in relation to them. This person is the DUI lawyer.

Matters like violation of your fourth amendment rights, illegal searches, blood alcohol concentration, and application of field tests are well known to DUI lawyers who can easily use them to secure your acquittal. Apart from the above, there are motions to file, looking for legal precedent to support your arguments and making a good enough case to compel a judge to refuse certain bits of evidence.

We, at Hoyer Law Firm, are committed to providing exemplary services in Utah. In addition to being reliable DUI lawyers, we are also family law attorney and divorce lawyers in Utah. Let us take care of your defense and you will get the best representation possible in Utah!
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