What to bring to your consultation with your divorce attorney

There is nothing like the word divorce being thrown around to destabilize your marriage and your life.  If you are reading this blogpost, you are likely considering a divorce, or your spouse is demanding one.  It is hard to figure out what step to take next.  Your emotions are a wreck, and you are trying to make decisions with the mind of a married person.  But the reality is that you will need to think like a single person, and possibly a single parent from the beginning to ensure you and your children are protected.

Why consult an attorney regarding your divorce?

There are many reasons why you should consult an attorney, some of which are:

1)  Because of the destabilizing nature of divorce, or the threat of divorce, you are emotionally compromised right now, and you need a trusted adviser to help you make rational decisions about your children, your assets and the future.

2)  You will need a legal strategy to obtain the best possible outcome from the divorce process.

3)  You will need an attorney to help you navigate the Utah legal system to meet your goals.

What should you bring to a divorce consultation?

It is helpful to bring a narrative the issues at hand, and a list of questions and concerns with you to a consultation for divorce with your attorney.  It is hard to remember every detail and question during such an emotional time, and while discussing a difficult subject as divorce.  The narrative will also help the attorney keep all the facts and your concerns at the forefront as he works on your case.

If there have been any arrests, or the police have ever been involved in your marriage, or in yours or your spouse’s life, it is important to obtain and bring copies of any existing police reports.

You should also bring a copy of your most current paystub, the last 2 years of taxes, and information on any assets belonging to both spouses.

Who should come to the divorce consultation?

You need as much support as you can get during difficult times such as when you are getting a divorce.  A lot of personal issues are discussed during a divorce consultation and it is important that the support person you bring with you will keep confidences and not interject their personal opinion on YOUR divorce.  Be wise and careful as to who you choose to come with you, if anyone at all.

Bringing children to a divorce consultation is highly discouraged.  Depending on the age of the child(ren), the attorney may choose not to hold the consultation if you bring them.  The issues discussed during a divorce consultation can be emotionally damaging to children of the marriage.

What to expect from your consultation with a divorce attorney?

Your divorce lawyer will evaluate the information you provide during the consultation, ask questions, then propose a strategy to move forward (or to prepare to receive divorce papers) that will best protect you and your child.  A Hoyer Law attorney will present a plan that is feasible within Utah Divorce Law.  Our Utah Divorce Attorneys at Hoyer Law are experienced in many different types of divorce cases and will knowledgeably help you navigate the Utah court system.

If you are considering a divorce, or facing threat of divorce, please schedule a consultation with an experienced Utah divorce attorney at Hoyer Law.  We are ready to help you protect your future, and your time with your children.  You can reach our office at (801) 901-0797 where a friendly member of our staff will schedule your consultation at the next available spot.

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